Caroline's Graduation Shoot by chelsea memmolo

On Sunday morning, I shot Caroline's senior photos at the park. This is one of my favorite parks to shoot at because it has a trail in the woods, a barn, an old white brick house, a fence, trees...variety of locations in one spot. Caroline requested this location because I had shot her whole family here a few months ago, and they really loved it. I'm glad I got to photograph her again!

Caroline told me she loves photo shoots, and I could tell! She knew her poses perfectly, and was a dream to photograph. The dress was ethereal and whimsical, so I edited accordingly. As I shot, I made sure the sun was hitting her beautifully. In the editing process, I amped it up a bit to play off her dreamy look. 

I love being able to be creative with my clients and give them something unique. These aren't your typical grad photos, and I'm so happy Caroline let me do my thing! My goal is to give creative, artistic interpretations of a basic idea, like the senior photo. I hated my school shot senior photos, and I know most are bored with that look. I'm so glad that my clients value artistry! Thanks for letting me shoot you, Caroline!! 

First blog entry!! -Corinne and Zach Maternity Shoot by chelsea memmolo


I've been wanting to start a blog for awhile now, so here it goes! It's only fitting that my first post is of Corinne and Zach. I've known Corinne since high school, we used to shoot for fun. Then she got engaged, married, and now a baby! I've been there with my camera for it all! 

It was a windy day at the beach, but my favorite part of photography is problem solving. To deal with the wind, I paid attention to the direction, kept them out of direct sun, and stayed in areas that were slightly shielded. There happened to be a swing under the beach house, which was an awesome find! Some of these were taken on a balcony, but does that matter? All that matters is the final outcome, so never be afraid to try something!